Changing your air filter is often the last thing on your mind.  Yet, if you do not keep up with regular servicing of your filtration system you run the risk of reducing the air quality in your home, increasing your energy costs, and potentially HVAC system failure.  But, here at Columbus Air Filters we take the guess work out of maintaining your air filtration system.  Simply sign up for our friendly reminder service on the link below and we will email you a reminder that it is time to change your filter.  We believe that it is so important for the long-term proper functioning of your filtration system that we will even send you a reminder even if you don’t buy from us!  That’s right!  The reminder service is free to you.  Just click on the link below and you are on your way to piece of mind.  All that we require is your email address and when you want to schedule your reminder to appear.  That’s it!   Whether you change your filters monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, our friendly reminder service will help you to remember to change your air filter. Additionally, we will keep track of how many filters you have used and have a new case ready for delivery!  What could be easier?

You may want to suggest to your cleaning service to contact us. We can send your e-mail reminder to them instead of to you! Columbus Air Filters also offers a service plan to your home cleaning specialist so you don’t have to every worry about your filter again!

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